About Samara

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Samara Martins, 17 Years old Brazilian Model, signed to IMG Models. Samara’s plan by both her management, MMG, and modeling Agency, IMG, is to be the next Victoria Secret model by the year 2013. Samara is now home-schooled, so she can be a full time model. This has been Samara’s dream, since she was five years old. She told her mother she wanted to be a model like the girl’s on TV. Her mother thought it was a cute small dream, that one day she would abandon, but by fifteen, Samara was discovered by Maurice Aguilar, who is part of her now management, MMG. SVP Maurice Aguilar discovered her on the set of a music video shooting for the pop/latin sensation, Matt Hunter. Within 7 months of signing to her MMG, she was on the fast track to being signed by one of the top modeling agencies in the world. Upon her first time ever gracing the New York City office, they did not let her leave the building until she signed a contract with them. At this moment, Samara is being sought out by top photographers in the fashion industry. During this time, Samara is heavily doing castings because of the upcoming September 2012 NYC Fashion Week. Samara’s fan base is growing rapidly. She loves to interact with all of her fans, and she takes the time out of her day to tell them all about the ups and downs of her career thus far. This is just the beginning of Samara Martin’s long successful career. It all started with a young Brazilian girl’s dream to be a top model from the age of five.